metaLINXX Solutions

metaLINXX is currently in early-stage start-up mode.  We’re prototyping our patent-pending Linked Control Token system for Modular Battery Technologies, Inc and the Palatov Motorsports D8 electric supercar.  With that in mind, our current services are quite limited.

Linked Control Tokens

LCTs enable system designers to securely and controllably link blockchain tokens with physical devices.  LCTs use linked pairs of cryptographic tokens and provide multi-factor authentication for both device and token.  LCTs combined with our Authentication Controller API provide a means of actual control of device utility via secure token.

LCTs maybe used in a multi-domain approach with interconnected public and private blockchains.  metaLINXX is prototyping a multi-domain system for Modular Battery Technologies, Inc.

Authentication Controller API Service

The Authentication Controller API provides the link between a controlled device and the web3 world.  The AC-API is optimized for embedded application environments that may infrequently have internet connectivity.

The metaLINXX Authentication controller API (mAC-API) has a core group of function calls applicable to any controlled device.  (register/deregister, enable feature/disable feature, create LCT token pairing, etc.)  Application-specific API calls can easily be added to support the unique features of different hardware devices.  

The mAC-API also provides data collection and monitoring features for controlled devices.  Devices can report system faults, usage data,   operating parameters, location, etc.  The AC-API service will update on-chain and/or off-chain data repositories depending on the needs of the data collection system.

metaLINXX is developing mAC-API client library source code to support  the full stack of software applications interacting with the LCT ecosystem.